A word from our staff

In general, when people have a passion for one thing and one thing only, they will try their hardest, given the tiniest possibility of succeeding. When trying hard enough, this person will eventually become the expert in the field they pursue. Orchid Cruise with professional staff who are not afraid of pressure and stress are determined to bring you the excellent services that you’ve long sought in Vietnam. 

How do things work on a boat? - That requires the staff having to give up everything there is on land to come and live the life as sailors. Here they have a total of 4 days off per month, having to see the scenery of the ocean over and over again. So what keeps them motivated?


The clients. They are the only ones that made differences in our lives. That is why we cherish even the smallest request of our customers, preparing every little detail for each tour. Customer feedbacks are invaluable assets to us and they are the backbone of the company’s development. Our customers over the years have shaped us, thus kept us motivated every single working day.

We have been connecting emotionally with our customers and believe it or not, hospitality in the world should be shaped as authentic as it can be to bring out the best experiences for a customer. 

We absolutely love what we’re doing and we’ll keep going on the chosen path, keep bringing in more enjoyment and happiness to the customers from all over the world.


Honeymoon Package Only from: $440.0

Honeymoon Package

The package is designed for couples with special honeymoon services. Embark on an adventure with your loved ones through our special combo to explore Hanoi and Halong Bay.

Combo Orchid Classic Cruises & Apricot Hotel Only from: $560.0

Combo Orchid Classic Cruises & Apricot Hotel

The combo hotel & cruise is an excellent idea for tourists to explore the must visit areas in Vietnam: Hanoi and Halong Bay Heritage Site.

Family Package Only from: $890.0

Family Package

With this package, let your next adventures with your closest ones be a special trip to discover Hanoi and Halong Bay.